Your Benefits

Solar Calculator

Now you can calculate the amount of money you can save by installing solar and the number of units you can generate by going solar. Click on the below button to know what’s your savings ….

Long Term Savings

Solar is your one-time investment where you have to invest once and get long term benefits. Your ROI will be between 2.5 – 4 years and after that you get 20+ years of free electricity at no extra cost. Solar is the future.

Reduce Carbon Footprints

By installing solar you do your bit for the environment and in directly free yourself from destroying the nature. The electricity you use today is generated by coal which release Co2 in the air polluting the environment. Install solar and reduce carbon footprints.

Breakthrough Electricity Bill Solutions

Unlike Coal, thermal, nuclear energy which results in pollution, solar will help produce electricity without spreading pollution in the most economical way

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Solar maintenance is as simple and as easy as the installation process when you join hands with RayyForce. Solar modules require cleaning and can be cleaned simply with water or wet cloth. No more cleaning is required usually.