Humans have been dependent on fossil fuel since the dawn of civilization. And since the industrial revolution, we cannot even think a world without it. Without fuel, there would be no power, without power our entire human species would collapse. No wonder it is called black gold and several large scale wars have been fought for its control.

But with an alarming population growth rate and massive scale industrialization, fossil fuel has been diminishing at a substantial rate so much so that according to studies, it will surely go extinct in the near century.

Apart from being a non-renewable source, it is the major factor of increasing carbon dioxide production leading to pollution and global warming. The effect of such can be seen in cities like Tokyo, Delhi etc.

The solution to such problems: solar power. Since ancient times Sun has been given the status of God and has been worshipped across many cultures and for a good reason. Life on earth exists thanks to Sun and it is much better than conventional fossil fuel because:

  1. Unlike fossil fuel which takes a long process of extraction, purification etc. solar energy is harnessed using machinery which is way less complicated and requires less human effort.
  2. Compared to fossil fuel, solar energy doesn’t emit any harmful gases so it is a way cleaner source of fuel and more sustainable and earth-friendly fuel.
  3. It is true that the initial cost of solar panels is high but seeing from a long term perspective it is way cheaper than conventional fossil fuels.
  4. Fossil fuel is found only in certain places and countries hence the cause of wars. Solar energy is available everywhere.
  5. Fossil fuel is nonrenewable and will run out in the next 100 years, solar energy is renewable and will be here for the next 5 billion years.
  6. With solar energy, you will basically move out of the conventional electricity grid meaning more security and less blackouts.
  7. Compared to fossil fuels, the energy loss and efficiency of solar energy is much more so more savings.
  8. Large solar power farms can utilize underutilized land which has been deemed unfit for farming or construction.

And the list goes on and on. Literally, there are uncountable benefits of switching to solar energy be it you are an individual or a company. Speaking of company, if you are looking for solar companies in Andheri for your organization look no further than RayyForce.

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