On Grid Solar Power Plant



On Grid System actual is a Solar Power Generation System where the entire Solar PV System is connected to the utility grid. When sun light falls on the solar panels and the electrons in the panels gets excited and thus generates DC electricity. This DC electricity is then routed through an inverter which then converts DC to AC electricity. This electricity produced by the system is then routed through the Net Meter to your house which is then used to run the various household appliances. A net meter records the energy sent(exported) to the grid and the energy consumed(imported) by the consumer. The excess electricity generated is sent(exported) to the DISCOM company. At night/cloudy whether you can simply consume electricity from the grid and at the end of each month electricity bill is generated by deducting the import to export amount.



Mounting Structure (Depending on site condition), Solar PV Panels, Surge Protection Device (SPD), Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Inverter, Net Meter actual, Monitoring Devices (Optional), Lighting Arrestor, Cables and many more ….