Utility / OPEX with No Investment Solar Project

The rooftop sector be it commercial, residential or industrial has been mainly driven by rooftop owners investing their capital to install the Solar Power Plants. But with time a more innovative model has been growing in the market that RayyForce offers to you. It is OPEX (Operational Expenditure) model also known as PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) model.

RayyForce functions as a solar company where we or our investors offer OPEX financing available to our interested clients irrespective of residential, commercial or the industrial sectors so that the consumers can have all the benefits of solar without having to invest their own money.

Key Benefits of Service

Installing Solar Power Plant might be very difficult for few on financial front. So we adopted ourselves with the changing needs.

No Investment

We invest & maintain the plant whereas you on the other hand enjoy the benefits

Financial issues

Now forget about your financial issues, if you are interested and have space we install for you

Extremely Beneficial

With no investment your per unit rate falls down drastically bringing your bills down too

Long Term Benefit

We invest and install yet after a period of time this plant may belong to you

Why Choose Us

Our team has properly analyzed each and every investor of ours for you so you can trust him entirely.
We have successfully executed more than 1 MW Solar Power Projects and are currently working for Indian PSU companies.
We have a good team of people that will guide you right from the initial consultation, the design process, project sign off and installation on site.