At RayyForce, we value our environment and believe that more we make use of non-renewable resources to generate energy, the more we are contributing to the downfall of our environment. The foremost issue being global warming and climate change, there is the immediate need to attend to the situation, and there can be nothing better than solar power to do so.

Being one of the first names that come to the mind when talking of solar companies in Malad, we at RayyForce help out with providing solar energy solutions to several. Whether you intend to replace the electrical connections at home with solar powered devices or intend to bring a change to your commercial unit by setting up solar panels and getting rid of energy supply from the local power grid, we can be the first people to come to your rescue.

With solar products of the best quality, we ensure that each one of our clients receives nothing but the best services. Right from inspection, the projection of the solar equipment required for its installation, we do it all while keeping in mind the fact that the money that you have to spend is well utilized. We also believe in longevity, and that is why we bring to you only the best.

While we help with solar setups for residential, commercial, industrial and petroleum sectors, we deal in On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid Solar Power Plants that are branded while providing the best results. We are channel partners of Kirloskar Integrated Technologies, and so we help out with Kirloskar Solar Panels and Solar Inverters for your homes, offices or manufacturing unit.

With us, you receive a complete package as you watch your premise transform while we provide you with seamless support from the beginning to the end.