Solar power systems have proven to be the most effective source of energy for generating heat and electricity in domestic housing as well as corporative sectors. It is a known fact that the energy provided by the sun if utilized efficiently is very beneficial to the environment.

The solar energy provided even for an hour to the earth equates to its requirement for the environment for a year. However, we can successfully imbibe only 0.001% of this incoming energy for our domestic and commercial purposes.

Here are the few most imperative benefits of solar power systems:

Inexhaustibility of solar power

One of the major advantages of solar power systems is that it is available everywhere and does not have difficulties in reaching out to specific geographical areas which might be the case with other sources of energy. Solar energy casts itself on every part of the globe and it is crucial to utilize its maximum potential. The inexhaustibility and eternal sustenance of solar power is its most beneficial characteristic which implies that the solar energy cannot cease until and unless the sun is destroyed. Solar power systems should be installed on the rooftop of buildings whose individuals wish to channelize it. Solar rooftop systems are the most effective way to contribute to keeping the earth green by reducing carbon footprint. The solar rooftop system mumbai provides the best of solar power systems in India at affordable rates.

Low Maintenance Costs

One of the most alluring characteristics of solar power systems includes its low maintenance costs. It is every individual’s instinctive desire to invest in something which will procure discounts as well as provide all the benefits one is looking for after the same is being installed. The solar rooftop system for home is a necessity for most households to run their expenses effectively while enjoying the benefits of solar energy. While maintaining the solar power system, it is crucial to invest in specialized cleaning companies which offer the best service at reasonable prices with 20-25 years warranty. It is crucial to note that the inverter needs to be changed after every 5 to 10 years to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Additionally, the cables also need to be maintained. Hence, it can be observed that these systems are extremely effective as they do not require unreasonable maintenance expenses as it is seen in the case of other sources of energy.

Positive effect on the Environment

Unlike other sources of energy, the solar power systems have a very beneficial effect on the sustenance of the environment in terms of its emissions and effects. It does not emit any harmful gases like greenhouse gases in the environment and does not have any adverse effect on water bodies. In addition to this, it only requires a negligible amount of water for its maintenance and does not instigate any kind of noise pollution.

Government Subsidy

1.1 The eligible customers will be able to apply for a subsidy through RayyForce. The application process is expected to begin soon.

Maharashtra rooftop solar policy complies with the subsidy available from the central government. Accordingly, the subsidy can be availed on an installation of rooftop grid-connected solar plants as either of the following-

30% of the project cost (or)

30% of the benchmark cost, whichever is lower.

The Government of Maharashtra has set the benchmark cost of Rs 61,000 per kW of solar PV installed capacity. I.e. one can receive almost Rs 18,300 per KW as subsidy on their solar power plant.

1.2. MEDA has finalized the benchmark rate for FY 2018-19 for customers eligible to obtain subsidy on grid connect rooftop solar power plants.

Tax Depreciation

Commercial, Private and Industrial customers can leverage Accelerated depreciation benefit, solar power generation projects have the option of profiting from Accelerated Depreciation benefit by the Central Government, as per Section 32 of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Companies can use this to substantially reduce the tax burden in the first few years of the project, up to 100% of the project cost (80% accelerated depreciation and 20% additional depreciation). The Central Government has mandated concessions and exemptions on specific materials imported for manufacture of solar power generation products as well as for use in solar power generation projects.


The solar rooftop system navi mumbai is one of the most effective rooftop solar systems and is installed by most of the households. They provide users with the best of facilities and maintenance services at remunerative rates. Hence, instead of investing continuously in the operation and maintenance of electricity and heat management in households, it is a wise decision to invest in a solar power system and contribute in the sustenance of the environment.