A brief introduction on Rayyforce

Setting up a solar power plant is a step that allows the supply of solar energy to various places. Just as people sourced electricity from the plants generating electricity from coal, they would do the same while witnessing a reducing in the power bill while contributing to a better, safe and healthier environment.

We at RayyForce believe in good deeds and setting up a Commercial solar power plant is something more than that. While you look out for people who can help you with the installation, we can be just the right one. With a team consisting of experts who do it all right from inspecting the area, the amount of energy that is to generate, the area that the panels would cover and finally how it would be distributed to the rest. All of this is taken care of in a systematic manner and only then the final installation is done.

Even when it concerns Industrial solar power plant installation, there is the same process that is undertaken. Being channel partners of Kirloskar, we ensure that they supply only the best solar panels and solar inverters. We being industry leaders, guarantee the fact that the solar panels would be of the best quality and that it would last for as long without having to replace them anytime soon.

Setting up solar plants is no cakewalk and we believe that everything needs time and patience. With the right technology, technique, labor, and equipment, the panels are put in place while ensuring that you send across uninterrupted solar power and provides the equal amount of energy as they received earlier. We also help out with maintenance tips that allow all our customers with better longevity of the panels and also providing you with the continuous power supply as required.