Why should you choose RayyForce?

The moment you place a search for solar companies in MIDC, the first name that surfaces is RayyForce. Being one of the leaders of solar panel installation, we assist with the same for residential areas, commercial, industrial and petroleum sectors. We believe in living in an environment where the harsh effects of non-renewable resources are comparatively reduced.

There cannot be a ban on electricity, but there can always be the usage of solar panels to ensure that the same electrical supply is replicated and that too generated from the natural resource as that of sunlight. That is what we do with our solar panels where the sun’s energy is trapped, and that is converted into energy. There is no pollution caused, and you receive electricity and power effortlessly.

We know how much people spend on their electricity bills each month and that is something that keeps skyrocketing each day. It is not just for homes but also the industries that suffer from the wrath. To put things to an end, we install the right solar panel depending on the need for electricity and things are on thereafter. Being the authorized channel partners for Kirloskar, we help with the best products where they have a wide range of solar panels and solar inverters that can be picked depending on the needs.

Right from coming over to your site, inspecting it, identifying the type of panels you would need and setting it up with the help of a team of experts, we do it all just so that you are satisfied with what you have invested in. Being authorized by the MEDA (Maharashtra Energy Development Agency), we also have the provisions of helping out with subsidy benefits just so that you enjoy a pure and natural supply of power without having to pollute the environment.