We understand the cost of installing solar for few, so we invest for you.

We understand the cost of installing solar for few, so we invest for you

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The rooftop sector be it commercial, residential or industrial has been mainly driven by rooftop owners investing their capital to install the Solar Power Plants. But with time a more innovative model has been growing in the market that RayyForce offers to you. It is OPEX (Operational Expenditure) model also known as PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) model.


RayyForce functions as a solar company where we offer OPEX financing available to our interested clients irrespective of home, residential, commercial or the industrial sectors so that the consumers can have subsidy scheme of solar without having to invest their own money.


In OPEX model with No Investment consumers can install Solar Power Plants on their rooftops / ground / any of their premises by signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with our investors.


Once an agreement is signed consumers can then use electricity the way they used to earlier nut now instead of paying a higher priced bill to the Distribution Company for the units consumed consumers will pay the lower priced bills to us for the units consumed (pay per units used). We guarantee low priced bills because we’ll sell you the electricity at a low price per unit than your Distribution Company. The best part of OPEX model is that consumers need not worry about plant maintenance or warranty. RayyForce will take care of it completely.


RayyForce has done all its research in this model and we understand that for few it can be complicated and time consuming, so we have well educated and experienced investors that provides solutions/customized solutions to meet consumers expectations. We give consumers an idea of future tariff rates and finalize a fixed rate for next 15 – 20 years.


In simple words OPEX Model is installation of Solar Power Plant by RayyForce and sell electricity to consumer at a cheap rate usually 40 – 50% less than DISCOM companies and take all the responsibility of the installed Power Plant right from cleaning to regular maintenance. Consumer’s role here is that he has to provide an area to install at least 150 KW Solar Power Plant or above and pay bills to RayyForce for a tenure of 15 – 20 years.


The OPEX model is extremely beneficial for end consumers as all financial, technical and operational requirements for the rooftop solar system are fulfilled by RayyForce. In addition, the consumers get a substantial fall in the electricity bills, typically between 40 – 50% on their grid power cost without investment. As rooftop solar continues to become cheaper in relation to grid tariffs, the OPEX model is becoming more popular and outpacing growth in other parts of the sector.


RayyForce believes that OPEX can be a sustainable business model for solar and has huge scope in a country like India. In our view, growth of OPEX business model is absolutely essential for exploiting India’s rooftop solar potential and getting close to the government’s 2022 target of 40 GW.